Dental Care Full and partial denture

Care with a smile. Care for a smile.

? When

  • • Missing teeth can reduce the ability to speak, chew and bite.
  • • When teeth are missing or removed, they need to be replaced so the neigouring teeth do not bend into the empty space, and to help with food biting and chewing.
  • • There are various types of dentures: removable (or fixed) single tooth denture, removable (or fixed) partial denture and removable(or fixed) full denture.
  • • If you have missing teeth, ask the doctor about your options.

? How

    The complete procedure is done in 2-3 sittings within a week.

  • • In the first sitting, the oral impression is made.
  • • In the next sitting, the newly made denture is checked for fit and any necessary corrections.
  • • Finally, the denture is fit.