Dental Implants

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? When

  • An implant is recommended once a structurally important tooth is extracted, or has decayed to a stage where root-canal treatment is unable to save it. Implants are stronger than simple dentures.
  • In an implant, a screw like metal structure is placed in the jaw bone, followed by an abutment, and finally a crown. The implant looks no different from a real tooth.

? How

    • The complete implant procedure can is 3-4 sittings over 3-6 months.

  • • In the first sitting, a hole is drilled, and the implant screw placed.
  • • A few months later, once the healing has occured, the abutment and support is placed over the implant.
  • • A tooth impression is made, and a crown is fabricated.
  • • Finally, the crown is placed onto the implant base.