Smile Desiging / Makeover

Care with a smile. Care for a smile.

? When

  • Not everyone is born with a perfect set of teeth. Those who do not have the perfect smile often will feel shy to openly smile, or show their teeth fully.
  • Smile-designing is aesthetic dental work, which improves the appearance of a smile. This provides a psychological boost, and can be confidence building.
  • If you are shy about openly smiling, have discolored teeth, mis- aligned teeth, or gaps between the front teeth, consult the doctor about ways of improving your smile.

? How

    • Aesthetic treatments are different from case to case.

  • • A pleasing smile has certain general proportions, and the doctor will examine your smile, and provide you with options to improve the look of your smile. These include bleaching, veeners, gum lift, and reshaping.